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Getting organizations moving

Do you recognize these situations? Silo formation: departments or teams that work poorly together. Mindset: talk a lot, but not deliver. Digitization has become a goal in itself, so that there is little job satisfaction and the turnover of employees is high. Do you want to know how Lagant solves these kinds of situations?
Change guide Lagant

The Lagant Exam Guarantee

We think it is important that our participants actually obtain their certificates to help strengthen their sustainable employability in the labor market. We are happy to relieve our participants by offering an Exam Guarantee.
Change guide Lagant

Change guide empowers you

We see ourselves as the change guide that empowers you. The core of our consultancy approach lies in positive coaching. A way of coaching that focuses on tapping into intrinsic motivation and looking for what works (proven from the past).

Lagant; permanent result from change

Our mission is helping organizations increase their capacity for change. We do this by increasing the autonomy and self-reliance of teams.

Why? To develop more ownership and resolution, so that more results are achieved with more pleasure.

How do we do that? We help teams and people to make an impact in their own work context. We help teams to become more self-organizing. We help people become empowered and strengthen craftsmanship. In such a way that they themselves, as change guides, can help customers and colleagues achieve sustainable results with more pleasure. We do this through training, guidance, team coaching and organizational coaching.

Virtual Classroom

Lagant also provides all her classroom training virtually.
Due to our experience working with offshore and distributed teams, we have a lot of experience in this.

The strength of our Virtual Classroom training courses is that they are full of visual work forms. These stimulate collaboration in groups and play around with new concepts. We use the latest techniques and gadgets in the field of teleconferencing and online collaboration tools. Think of working out in small subgroups through break-out rooms, where the trainer provides optimal guidance.

Advantages of virtual training:

  • Live sparring with experts and change guides
  • Interactive and stimulating through surprising methods
  • Continuously working on your professionalism
  • Get permanent inspiration

Extra depth through combination with online self-studies and exam trainers

The online self-studies (or exam trainer) make it possible to provide extra depth to ensure that we have sufficient time in the virtual training for specific questions about the work situation of the participants and still dare to issue an exam guarantee with our training courses.

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You want to move forward

You face challenges where you seek help and inspiration. How do I make customers happier? How do I create more enthusiasm among employees? How do I bring strategy and execution more in line with each other? How do I make better choices in my change portfolio? Then you can use a change guide that inspires and supports you to be more innovative, more agile, more predictable, more effective and therefore more successful.

Lagant as Change Guide

Lagant employees see themselves as Change Guide. We are professionals with a vision, which means that we approach things slightly differently. Together we unlock the wisdom in the organization to move in the right direction. We ask questions so that the organization will see what is needed to provide support in order to achieve this.

Lagant employees are professionals. We take a slightly different approach. With passion for the profession, we guide our customers in the successful implementation of changes.

Customers about Lagant

Anke van Ingen




A lot of recognition, I could draw a lot of lines with my own work area. That means that the material also lives better for myself and is understandable.

Keren Kurlander


Nice to learn about different methods that help to become more Gile in a project, and how planning projects fit into agile environments. I really appreciated Orlando taking the time to explain things that went beyond the subject of the exam (especially stakeholder management, scrum, story mapping, practical ways to make teams work better together, and other agile methods such as safe and how they should be implemented in larger organizations.

Amos Gomes De Mesquita

Professional Team Coach Experience


The concept of the training carousel is particularly strong. It contributes to the atmosphere and the learning effect. In addition to learning from what the trainer provides, you learn from people who are already further in the training. And the fact that you can 'learn' from others helps to make sure that what you have learned will take root.

Martijn Jansen

Agile PM Fasttrack


Tailoring the subjects and depth to the participants appealed to me the most. This made it a tailor-made training. Sticking to the 'tight rhythm' of DSDM / Agile PM, I will be the first to put it into practice.

Denise Verwiel


Each working method is practiced with practical situations of the participants. Because you are in the middle of it yourself, you immediately experience the effect. And that arrives!

Melvin Goossens




Extensive time was taken to discuss everything. The trainer really takes the time to deal with your question.

Tames Rietdijk

Business Forensics


The guidance process by Lagant has provided much more connection between the teams. We have started to prioritize and listen better to each other. From now on we will discuss in order to reach agreement with each other. People experience that what they do matters and that it is seen.
The team coach training, which was followed by the internal ambassadors, has enabled us to apply a number of new working methods. At the start of corona, this helped us to think creatively about how we could do sessions, such as retrospectives, sprint planning, refining requirements, differently and with positive results.
I heartily recommend Lagant for the knowledge, experience, and persistence to initiate the process and change.

Patrick Simmerman

Agile PM Fasttrack (classroom and virtual)


While many providers postponed or canceled their training, Orlando, in his resourcefulness and persistence, has ensured that we have been able to receive a quality training that has not lost any of its content. Chapeau!

This training gives me the tools to approach projects with a helicopter view and confidence in a successful outcome. Exactly what I was looking for.

Dionne Oomen


Super educational because of the practical approach! You will learn to experiment with new working methods outside your comfort zone. The trainers are critical in a pleasant way, so that you learn to get the best out of yourself.

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Lagant has a very broad customer base in a variety of industries.
Such as, financial services, energy sector, (municipal) governments, ICT services, Industry, Construction and Care.

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