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Advanced Product Owner Experience Training

As a Product Owner, client, customer representative or analyst in a Scrum environment it is often difficult to do justice to your skills. How do you combine your traditional skills with an Agile method? In an Agile environment, how do you reach agreement with the various stakeholders about goal, solution direction, scope, stakeholder representation, planning and implementation? How do you get stakeholders and team more involved and deal more effectively with new insights? That's what the Advanced Scrum Product Owner Experience is all about!
Duration: 2 days | 09:00 AM - 17:00 PM

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Book: “User Story Mapping” written by Jeff Patten
Handout (in PDF format)
License Fees
1x Scrum.org Professional Scrum Product Owner II exam

We shape this experience training in accordance with Scrum. This means that the participants determine the workshop content together with the trainer. We create a training backlog with topics to be covered and prioritize these several times during the training. We also divide each training day into four sprints for which we agree on a sprint goal to be achieved.

Among other things, these topics come up

  • The role of Product Owner and how it interacts with the other Scrum roles and the organization
  • Impact Mapping to clarify the desired effect of your product in the organization
  • User Stories as a tool to promote collaboration between users and team
  • Prioritizing using relative estimation and the Weighted Shortest Job First principle
  • Story Mapping to create a plan and determine an MVP together with the team and stakeholders
  • The Sprint Review Meeting as a place to influence the future of the product
  • Practical situations and examples
  • Exam preparation for the PSPO II® exam from Scrum.org®

You get access to our online PSPO II® ExamTrainer®. Here you practice mock exam questions and prepare optimally for the exam. This allows us to spend more time in the classroom on experiential exercises and specific questions from the group.

Product owners, clients, customer representatives, analysts, scrum masters and project managers, who want to gain experience with vision formation, requirements, scoping, prioritization, planning and optimization of the delivered customer value in an Agile and Scrum environment.

Having a Professional Scrum Product Owner I® (PSPO I®) certificate is a prerequisite to participate in this training.

After following this training you will be able to:

  • To assess which Agile requirements tools are useful for which situation;
  • Working with stakeholders and team members to arrive at an optimal solution based on user stories;
  • Involve stakeholders in clarifying needs, prioritizing and accepting the solution;
  • Assess in which areas you still need to acquire additional knowledge and experience in order to optimally fulfill the role of Product Owner;
  • Obtain the Professional Scrum Product Owner 2® Certificate (PSPO II®).

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