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Training AgilePM® Foundation

Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to design their projects more flexibly in order to be able to respond more quickly to the market and make more effective use of the knowledge and skills available within the project and the business. This means working with Agile teams and involving your customer intensively during the project. As a project manager, you have to find a way to keep your project on track without getting in the way of the Agile teams in producing and phased delivery of the solution.
Duration: 2 days | 09:00 AM - 17:00 PM

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Manual: Agile Project Management Handbook V2 (English)
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The AgilePM Foundation training lays the foundation for, as a project manager, to shape the collaboration between different Agile teams and stakeholders in such a way that they bring the project to a successful conclusion.

  • The training is given in class by an experienced Agile project manager and takes 2 days.
  • The training uses the official book AgilePM® Handbook version 2.0 from the DSDM Consortium / APMG International.
  • Practice exam questions are treated during the training as preparation for the AgilePM Foundation Exam.
  • You get access to our online AgilePM ExamTrainer. Here you practice mock exam questions and prepare optimally for the exam. This allows us to focus more on experiential exercises in the classroom, practice with cases and pay attention to specific questions from the group.
  • DSDM methodology, life cycle and techniques
  • Agile philosophy, principles and success factors
  • Roles, responsibilities and team structure
  • The role of management in Agile projects
  • DSDM processes and products
  • Communication and collaboration
  • MoSCoW prioritization and time boxes
  • Agile planning & control
  • Preparation for the official exam
  • Space for your specific questions

Project managers, leaders of steering group members and other substantive decision-makers who want to achieve better results in a project context with their teams. The AgilePM training is aimed at applying project management in an Agile environment. You get a clearer insight into how you keep your project on track while the teams work in an Agile way.

  • You have basic skills in initiating and executing projects based on Agile Project Management.
  • You can apply AgilePM principles, lifecycle, products and techniques.
  • You can identify project risks that affect the success of your project and take appropriate countermeasures.
  • You can prioritize requirements based on MoSCoW.
  • You are prepared for the AgilePM Foundation exam.

We offer you a guarantee that you will pass the exam. If you unexpectedly do not pass after the first attempt, Lagant will order a new voucher free of charge. In addition, you are eligible for 1 hour of free (extra) personal guidance from a Lagant trainer to answer possible questions and prepare you for your re-exam. But we do expect something from you for this, to be eligible for this, these conditions apply:

Exam guarantee conditions:

  • You must have achieved all objectives (100%) in the memo trainer of the Lagant tutorial or the ExamTrainer®. Where you must have answered at least 50 questions;
  • You must take the exam within 2 (two) weeks after the last practice in the ExamTrainer® or memo trainer of the Lagant self-study;
  • We provide a maximum of 1 (one) (extra) exam voucher per candidate per exam;
  • We provide a maximum of 1 (one) hour of extra personal guidance per candidate per exam;
  • Lagant is not responsible for the technique or technical failure of the exam environment and / or internet connection for remote exams.

What should you do if you failed the exam?
If you have not passed the exam, you can make a print screen of your exam result. You mail this to planning@lagant.nl. If you meet all the conditions, Lagant will send you a new exam voucher and we will contact you to schedule the hour of extra personal guidance. If you have any questions, please contact the Planning department on telephone number 0413 224 106.

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