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Training Introduction SAFe®

Agile and Scrum working in a team is increasingly widely used. Teams organize themselves and are increasingly able to adapt flexibly to the wishes of the organization. But what if you are in an organization in which development initiatives of 8 or more teams on one product are no exception. What if there is a clear need for coordination across multiple teams. What if managing a broad portfolio of change initiatives creates the necessary challenges. Then the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) offers a solution. Do you want to know more about the basic principles of SAFe and how they can help you? Then this 1-day introduction is perfect for you!
Duration: 1 day | 09:00 am - 17:00 pm

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One day introduction to SAFe®

The training is given by an experienced SAFe® Program Consultant who handles the SAFe® framework pragmatically. The explanation of theory is alternated with practice-oriented assignments.

  • The Lean-Agile values ​​and their consequences for the way of working together
  • The basis for SAFe®, formed by practices from Scrum, DevOps, Lean UX, Lean Startup and Lean-Agile Portfolio Management
  • Applying Scrum and Lean to shape self-organization within a release train (multiple closely collaborating teams)
  • Effectively translating high-over business requirements at portfolio level into features that can be picked up by a team within a sprint
  • Prioritize and insight into progress at team, program and portfolio level

Our two-day Leading SAFe® training focuses specifically on
people who are or will be involved in large-scale Agile developments in a leading position: line managers, project managers, program managers, administrators, business representatives and product owners. The training gives you a clear picture of the specific challenges associated with large-scale product development and how SAFe® deals with this. This training is also a good stepping stone for professionals who have the ambition to take on a facilitating role in these types of environments.

After following this training you will be able to:

  • Make management choices that are in line with a scaled application of an Agile, Scrum and Lean way of working;
  • More information about SAFe® can be found when it is current for you or your organization.
  • Have multiple teams work together in a multidisciplinary and self-organizing manner to arrive at customer-oriented solutions;
  • Initiate a process of continuous improvement across multiple teams;
  • Assess in which areas you still need to acquire additional knowledge and experience in order to successfully apply SAFe®;

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