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Training IPMA® Project Management Experience

Project management is a profession and you learn a profession not only from a book, but above all by doing it! That is our thinking behind the Project Management Experience. In this combination of an IPMA training and the simulation you get both the IPMA theory and an active DIY training in which you experience the essence of project management. It makes you realize that successful participation in a project requires a different way of working. A different way of working that you master during the training. Because you can also read a book at home!
Duration: 6,5 days | 9:00 am - 16:30 pm

3.295,00 excl. VAT

Course materials
Book: IPMA Compact
IPMA Exam Trainer
License Fees
Location, accommodation & catering

As change guides we really want to help participants further with the successful execution of projects. We do not believe that you can achieve this by just teaching theory in the training days. Our trainer, an experienced (IPMA) project manager, makes the connection between theory and practice and ensures that the participants can practice ample time with IPMA during the classroom sessions. After all, you can also learn the theory from the supplied book and through our unique ExamTrainer® that lets you practice with the questions as you get them on your exam. The second part of this training, the project management simulation, allows participants to practice the various skills required to pull a project.

During the first 4 training days, the IPMA competences will be discussed. The following topics will be discussed during these meetings:

  • The competences as described in the ICB4;
  • Backgrounds and structure of the IPMA methodology;
  • Apply IPMA to your projects;
  • Practicing with skills;
  • Preparation for the IPMA theory exam;
  • Exam tips.

Day 5 (9:00 AM - 20:30 PM) and Day 6 (9:00 AM - 16:00 PM) the simulation will start. During the simulation, participants are confronted with issues that are encountered in practice. The entire 'life cycle' of a project is completed: from the acquisition phase up to and including the delivery of the project results and making agreements about aftercare. The simulation is paused a number of times to create space for reflection, to build a bridge to the theory and to implement improvements for the next period of the project. Given the character and length of these days, dinner and overnight stay are included.

During the simulation, the participants will have to deal with clients, subcontractors and other stakeholders in the project. These roles are played by trainers and actors who will portray the situation as realistically as possible.

In this simulation, the project manager is an integrator responsible for results, who has integral responsibilities for the project. He manages customer expectations, is responsible for monitoring goals and results, directs participants and monitors the contract. During the simulation, the team will make choices and determine their strategy. The simulation is so flexible that all choices are supported.

Whether you are a project assistant, project leader or (prospective) project manager, the IPMA Project Management Experience is intended for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in IPMA or project management.

Specific experience as a project manager is not necessary. Although it is nice for you if you have basic knowledge in the field of project-based working and can handle an HBO work and thinking level.

After this training, the candidates have gained insight into IPMA and a solid knowledge of the IPMA Competences. You will also be better able to fulfill your role within the project successfully.

After this training:

  • you have knowledge of the definitions of a project, project management and program management;
  • you know the project phases and organization within projects;
  • masters your methods and techniques for project planning and control and quality control;
  • you have knowledge of budgeting and finances within a project;
  • you master the basic principles of project management and project teams
  • Have you practiced extensively with different skills and do you know where your weaknesses are?
  • you are optimally prepared for the IPMA theory exam.

The IPMA theory exam must be requested by the candidate at IPMA Certificering Nederland.

De Training IPMA® Project Management Experience can only be booked in-company

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