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Managing Successful Programs is a framework for implementing business strategies and initiatives, or complex changes, where there is a "vision" of the outcome of the program. Such as, for example, a transformed organization. 
Program management helps to organize, manage, facilitate and control these changes so that the eventual outcome corresponds to the stated goals. Program management is therefore becoming increasingly popular within organizations to gain control over major strategic changes or to manage various projects and the dependencies between these projects.

Why should you use MSP®?

Organizations exist in an environment of constant and increasing change. Organizations that have learned how to transform themselves through effective leadership and strategic control are more likely to survive and be successful. Program management is increasingly recognized as a key to enabling organizations to manage that transformation.

When there are major changes, you have to deal with complexity, risks, many manageable interdependencies and conflicting priorities. Organizations are unlikely to be able to successfully implement change when:

  • There is insufficient support at board level;
  • Leadership is weak;
  • There are unrealistic expectations of organizational capacity and the ability to change;
  • There is insufficient attention to benefits;
  • There is no real picture of the future possibilities;
  • There is a poorly defined or poorly communicated vision;
  • The organization does not change the culture;
  • There is insufficient involvement of stakeholders.

MSP provides a structured framework and approach to program management that can help organizations avoid these pitfalls and achieve their goals.

MSP® has three certifications:

MSP® Foundation

With this certification you demonstrate that you know the MSP methodology.

MSP® Practitioner

With this certification you demonstrate that you can also apply MSP to your own projects. To participate in the exam you must have obtained the MSP Foundation certificate. The MSP Practitioner certificate is valid for 3 years.

MSP® Advanced Practitioner

With this certification you demonstrate that you have sufficient knowledge to be able to apply the MSP guidelines in a complex program within an environment that uses MSP.

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