Customer speaks: Municipality of Den Bosch

Lagant recently facilitated a series of tailor-made workshops at the Municipality of Den Bosch. Given the major challenges that last year brought with it, this did not immediately go without saying. Our client Younes explains how this turned out.
Door: Natasja Spaans op January 27 2021.
Read in: 2 minutes.

What assignment did you hire Lagant for?

At the end of 2019, together with Lagant, we had set up a nice series of tailor-made 'facilitating workshops' for an internal pool of risk advisers within our organization. The purpose of this was to offer the risk advisers, as experienced facilitators of risk sessions, extra tools by mainly doing it themselves. This 'learning-by-doing approach' ties in nicely with Lagant's vision and working method on such development issues.

And then it all turned out differently .. What challenges did you encounter along the way?

Due to the corona crisis, the initial plan of physical workshops could suddenly no longer continue and there was a challenge in how to act as a facilitator in an online setting. Lagant immediately thought along with us and together with us came up with a nice online offer.

How did this change work out?

Due to circumstances we were therefore forced to deviate from the initial assignment, but we held a nice fitting series of online workshops that were well received by the risk advisers. Thanks to Lagant's reliable, flexible and cooperative attitude as a partner, we were still able to meet the learning needs of the risk advisers.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about the collaboration with Lagant?

I am very satisfied with the attitude of the Change Guides from Lagant and can recommend everyone to approach Lagant with regard to their knowledge and experience in the field of online facilitation.

With great pleasure we have organized this series of tailor-made workshops for the Municipality of Den Bosch. Are you curious about what Lagant can mean for your organization with regard to (in-company) training, (online) facilitation and / or tailor-made workshops? Don't wait any longer & then take get in touch Join us!

Written by Natasja Spaans

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