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Door: Orlando Heijmerink op November 12 2021.
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Over the past 30 years, Lagant has grown into a specialist in the field of change management, with a lot of attention for agile working and project-based working. For everyone involved in change, development and innovation. Lagant offers training, consultancy and organizational coaching. All aimed at developing people, teams and organisations. 

By merging with Agile Business Builders in 2020, we have strengthened ourselves in the field of agile/lean transformations and making teams and organizations more agile. With the insights from the scans of our new Lagant Growth Compass, we are able to contribute to loyal customers and more committed employees. By joining forces, a powerful 'one-stop-shop' organization is created for customers that helps to realize change processes from the start until a learning organization is established.

From old to new

In 2022 we will celebrate the merger of the organizations and our 30th anniversary. Our 20 specialists, whom we call 'change guides' at Lagant, are happy to celebrate this with you. We have some fun things planned! To begin with, we would like to present you our new corporate identity.

Lagant Change guide Lagant Logo Transport tagline big orange 1
The current logo of Lagant
Lagant Change Guide Outlook w41b4t1v 2
The Agile Business Builders logo
Lagant Change guide Lagant logo 2022 3
Lagant's new logo

Together we are strong

The two A's in our logo stand for mountain peaks. We've removed the 'obstacles' from the A's to clear the way for you. As change guides, we help you easily reach the top. The two colors represent the coming together of specialisms. Educate, coach, connect and develop; the pillars of Lagant.

New website

At the end of 2021 we will present our new website. Of course you can order our self study there with the same ease as before.

To provide a better overview of all other services and training courses, we will present them to you in a new way. We are also working on a number of self-scans that will give you insight into your organization.

Lagant Change guide Lagant renews 4

What else do we have planned for 2022?

We'll keep that a secret for now. We will share more about this on our website and our social media channels. We hope to raise a glass with you to our anniversary in 2022!

The Lagant change guides

Written by Orlando Heijmerink

My mission is to make everyone change guide. I want to enable people to make more impact in their own work environment, so that they can make changes a success themselves. I do this by asking the right questions from the customer's interest, by organizing interaction and by continuing to surprise my customers.

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