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Organization coaching

From A to B, according to the principles of B.

Consultancy is outdated. You, too, are not waiting for a consultant to come up with his brilliant solutions without really knowing your organization. Or a consultant who writes a thick advisory report that entails months of work for your people. That's why we do it differently.

We do it differently

We encourage team learning through the 'show, do together and do it yourself' approach. Through visualisations and experiential exercises we get people moving to realize transitions. We guide teams on their way from working together to working together. We elicit team energy by empowering team members. Everyone can be a Change Guide by following his / her passion and demonstrating his / her craftsmanship. In this way we create a lasting impact on the working environment in your organization. How we do it differently?

Scans without report

The participants work with the result, this time with more impact.

Workshops without teaching

We allow patterns to be experienced and lead the discussion about the consequences.

Coaching without standard advice

The solution to every organizational problem lies in the organization itself, we help you discover that solution.

Plans without detailed planning

"Plans are nothing, planning is everything." - Eisenhower


We would be happy to visit you for an inspiration session. We would rather let you experience what we can contribute to your organization in a coaching conversation, workshop or breakout than to tell about it. So do you already have a lunch, drink, staff or town hall meeting planned? Plan it an hour longer and you will have an inspiration workshop. Useful and pleasant right?

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