Team coaching

You work very hard as a team and yet you feel that the energy is declining. Colleagues are afraid to give their opinion. Problems remain undiscussed and lead to frustration. Customers often have comments about quality. How do you keep lasting energy in teams?

We do it differently

On the basis of the five lenses, we bring the energy back in teams, so that they enjoy achieving results again. 

These five lenses are: 

  1. transparency
  2. improve
  3. customer value
  4. collaborate
  5. team learning

We have developed working methods for each lens with which team members, coaches, Scrum Masters can break through patterns and get their team back on track. In short, as a Change Guide you can teach yourself how to elicit energy in your team.  

Workshops without teaching

We let patterns experience and lead the discussion about the consequences.

Plans without detailed planning

We allow patterns to be experienced and lead the discussion about the consequences.


We would be happy to visit you for an inspiration session. We would rather let you experience what we can contribute to your organization in a coaching conversation, workshop or breakout than to tell about it. So do you already have a lunch, drink, staff or town hall meeting planned? Plan it an hour longer and you will have an inspiration workshop. Useful and pleasant right?

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