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About Lagant

Lagant employees are all Change Guides. They identify with passion for the profession and continuously develop their craftsmanship. You can recognize the professional idiots and Change guides from Lagant by our love for the profession, our profound curiosity for the customer, our enthusiasm, our involvement.

Our mission

Our customers help to increase their capacity for change and their self-organizing capacity.
Jeroen Ykema
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Orlando Heijmerink
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Remi-Armand Collaris
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Evelien Top
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What do we value

surprise customers
organize interaction
elicit energy
help with happiness at work
wisdom of the crowd
building a joint image
ask for and organize feedback
long term relationships
results with pleasure
respect each other and be yourself
everyone does their best

The Lagant Manifesto

Enable boven take it off your hands
Ask and understand boven advise you
Let experience boven sharing knowledge
Long term relationships boven short term turnover

Both sides are important, but we prefer the left column. 


Founding of Lagant

By Piet Verpoorte, who took up a management position at a large international IT company three years later. Ad van den Akker succeeded him as general manager of Lagant.

Under the leadership of Ad van den Akker, Lagant's services have expanded from purely interim management services to project management. This includes: contracting, assurance, audits, methods and skills development.


PRINCE2® Accredited Training Organization

This made Lagant one of the first PRINCE2 suppliers in the Netherlands.

ATO status accelerated the growth of Lagant, which also provided training for MSP, IPMA, PM games, Program for Effective Project Management and various specialist training courses. Lagant also remains faithful to his starting point and always engages only highly experienced project, program and / or portfolio managers.


Agile® caught on immediately

As something that can help our customers achieve their goals. Since this time, Lagant has gained knowledge and experience with all kinds of different Agile methodologies and frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Agile Project Management and even Agile Program Management. Agility of organizations has thus become one of Lagant's spearheads.


Jeroen Ykema becomes director

As General Manager Jeroen Ykema Lagant developed into the sparring partner for boards and management in the field of temporary management forms. Whether this concerns making the organization Agile or improving project, program & portfolio management.


Agile Business Builders becomes part of the Lagant Group

This creates a powerful 'one-stop-shop' organization for customers that helps facilitate change processes from start to finish.

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