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10 tips to work smarter: tip 2 - Focus on what you can influence yourself

change what you cannot accept, accept what you cannot change.
Door: Jennefer Boskeljon op 13 September 2021.
Read in: 2 minutes.

Successful and happy people have something in common: they mainly focus on those things in their work and life that they can influence themselves. Life is full of things that regularly negatively affect your situation, but which you cannot change. Waste of your time and energy to worry about it.

  • Use the slogan: “Change what you cannot accept, but accept what you cannot change”. By paying too much attention to everything that is wrong in your life, you create a feeling of dissatisfaction, irritation and extra stress. Complaining makes you a helpless victim. We call these people 'lozenges'. And those aren't fun to deal with, aren't they? Accept that it is the way it is and don't give it more attention than necessary. You just can't control everything.
  • By focusing on those things in your life that you can influence, you take back control of your life. So see what you can do to improve the situation. Can you organize your work differently? Who can you ask for help? And often it is smart to gain extra knowledge or to teach yourself a new skill. This gives you back the feeling of control and reduces feelings of anxiety and stress. You will notice that all this has an immediate positive effect on your sense of flow, pleasure and happiness. This makes you an 'effervescent tablet' for yourself and those around you.

This is the second tip in a series of 10 tips to work smarter.

Tip 0 Arrive on time
Tip 1 Make a daily schedule
Tip 2 Focus on what you can influence yourself
Tip 3 Keep agreements with yourself
Tip 4 FUN first
Tip 5 Clear your head
Tip 6 Do one thing at a time and finish it!
Tip 7 Cluster activities
Tip 8 Create a tidy workplace
Tip 9 Ban jammers
Tip 10 End the day positively

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Written by Jennefer Boskeljon

Jennefer Boskeljon is a coach, trainer and expert with more than ten years of experience in the field of smart working and personal effectiveness. Her goal is to make working Netherlands not only more efficient, but also more successful and happier. Over the past decade, she has been able to inspire and motivate thousands of professionals in many different organizations to work smarter with better results and more job satisfaction.

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