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Work smarter, not harder!

How you too can work smart with more results and fun!
Door: Jennefer Boskeljon op 16 September 2021.
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'I'm always busy, busy, busy. I'm just being lived by the 'issues of the day' and I just can't seem to get out of it!'

Do you recognize this?

You are extremely busy and most days the work just seems to get stuck. You are simply lived by the 'issues of the day'. It is a challenge to cope with the continuous flow of e-mails, Whatsapp messages and phone calls. As a result, you struggle with a structural feeling of 'being too busy' and falling short on all fronts. More and more often you notice that you are slipping. And in your spare time you are less and less able to relax and have carefree fun. You are in a negative spiral…

The risk of doing nothing…

You are not alone in this. Despite the economic downturn, the workload remains high in many sectors and organizations. All this often comes 'on top of' the fear of possibly losing your job and the health of yourself and others.

Various studies indicate that exponential growth is expected from the end of 2020 in national absenteeism due to the Corona crisis and the associated stress and uncertainty. And how long will you keep up this way of working and living? What if you don't do anything now? Like 16% of the working population in the Netherlands, you run the risk of becoming overstrained or even burned out. And what impact will this have on your health, work and financial situation?

Your precious time!

Time is your most precious asset. You don't know how much is given to you and you can only spend it once. And honestly: do you spend your time on what is really important to you? Or are you lived by the issues of the day? Let your day be defined by things that present themselves ad hoc in the form of phone calls and e-mails. Or are you mainly busy putting out fires? Do you feel tired and exhausted at the end of the day? And do you have little energy for sports or social activities?

what would you do you want?

It's very easy to determine what you don't want. Our brain is programmed that way. But what do you want? What tasks and activities would you like to spend more time on? What does your perfect working day look like? How great is it when you are satisfied at the end of your working day with what you have accomplished? And especially if you are also fit and energetic enough to be active and cozy in your spare time.

It's not too late!

No matter how preoccupied you are with the feeling of pressure, pressure, pressure. It's never too late to be on time! There is still plenty that you can do yourself to improve your situation.

A small adjustment in your way of working or time use can make a big difference and significantly increase your efficiency, strength and job satisfaction. In the coming weeks I will give you 10 smart tips.

And remember: working smarter and more efficiently is not the ultimate goal. Working smart is just a means to create peace, control and overview for yourself.

The consequence? More focus, better results and more fun in your work and your life!

This is the introduction to a series of 10 tips to work smarter.

Tip 0 Arrive on time
Tip 1 Make a daily schedule
Tip 2 Focus on what you can influence yourself
Tip 3 Keep agreements with yourself
Tip 4 FUN first
Tip 5 Clear your head
Tip 6 Do one thing at a time and finish it!
Tip 7 Cluster activities
Tip 8 Create a tidy workplace
Tip 9 Ban jammers
Tip 10 End the day positively

You too can work smart with more results and fun! Jennefer Boskeljon gives a at Lagant classroom skills training Time management, you can also use this training as self-study Time management Follow.

Do you want to know more? Or would you like to get acquainted first without any obligation? Then sign up for the free inspiration workshop Time management.

Written by Jennefer Boskeljon

Jennefer Boskeljon is a coach, trainer and expert with more than ten years of experience in the field of smart working and personal effectiveness. Her goal is to make working Netherlands not only more efficient, but also more successful and happier. Over the past decade, she has been able to inspire and motivate thousands of professionals in many different organizations to work smarter with better results and more job satisfaction.

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