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In a society where people have to work to an increasingly advanced age, it is essential that you continue to develop your skills. How do you keep making an impact with your skills? How do you ensure that you inspire your team (s) and take them by the hand to realize changes? How do you ensure that you influence others without having hierarchical power?

At Lagant we help you to fill your backpack with relevant skills so that you continue to make an impact with your customer and colleagues. We help you as a Change Guide to show your customers the way and to take them by the hand. 

Look at the Agile Connective Team Coach training if you want to inspire and guide your team (s) yourself. If you want to learn to use your time more effectively, look at the Time management training. Do you want to achieve more without having line authority? Then look at the Influence Without Power training.


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Our mission is helping organizations increase their capacity for change. We do this by increasing the autonomy and self-reliance of teams.

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